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Where to eat in Marrakesh

Researching restaurants and finding great places to eat is something I love to do. I love a good dining experience and I look at everything from the food options, decor right down to the service. I will admit I was a little disappointed with the food in Marrakech, I read a lot about how amazing the food was here but I can’t say I agreed. The food was by no means bad but I suppose it was hyped up and that made it a little bit of a letdown. We did, however, manage to find some gems which I will share everywhere we ate below.


This is probably the most recommended restaurant in Marrakech and for good reason the food there was delicious and the place itself is Instagram heaven. I would highly recommend booking in advance and booking the rooftop for sunset. It is such a beautiful dinner location and the added sunset gives it such a romantic vibe.

Terrasse Des Epices 

We came here on our first night and again is a place I would recommend. While the food wasn’t as amazing as Nomad it was still pretty good but what makes this place special is the rooftop. I loved the vibe of the restaurant and it is one of the only places we went that served alcohol. Make sure to pre-book to guarantee a table.

Cafe Des Epices

A cute cafe that sat around a little square, we never came here for dinner but twice for lunch. It is a good spot to take a break from exploring the souks and refresh. I really enjoyed this place for lunch or just an iced coffee.

Cafe Kif-Kif 

Adorable cafe situated opposite Koutoubia. Book this spot for dinner and grab a seat on the rooftop and take in the view from below. We grabbed dinner here just as the sun was setting and loved the vibe. The food was great and their mint and lemon juice was amazing.

Cafe Clock

This place is a little out of the way but we ventured down because of their famous camel burger. Yes, they serve camel burger and you know what it didn’t taste half bad.

Mama Afrika

One of my favourite places we ate at, this little restaurant is located in the newer part of the city. We walked here after visiting Jardin Majorelle and grabbed a late lunch. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend checking it out especially if you are like us and never had much African cuisine.

Zeitoun Cafe

We stopped by here for lunch after roaming around Saadien tombs and El Bsdii Palace. It is a nice spot to get some respite from the sun. If you grab a seat on the rooftop or out front you’ll get a cool view of Moulay El Yazid Mosque. They also have another location on Jemaa el-Fnaa, grab a seat on the rooftop and watch the craziness from above. It is also a good spot to watch the sun set.

Cafe Arabe

The best place to grab a drink in the medina, order a Casablanca and take in the sights on their rooftop. You can also get dinner here but I would recommend pre-booking as it can get pretty crowded.

Barometre Marrakesh

Located in the new city barometre is the go-to place if you are looking for cocktails.

La Pâtisserie by Terrasse des Epices

Underneath Terrasse des Epices is La Pâtisserie, it is here you will find a selection of Moroccan sweet treats. This is the perfect spot for some coffee and a respite from exploring the souks.

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