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The Best Spots for Brunch in Dublin

Ahh, brunch the staple in any millennial weekend diet. I love nothing more than grabbing some brunch catching up with friends during the weekends. I’ve lived in Dublin for almost two years now so I have tried my fair share of brunch spots and I’ve compiled a list of my favourites. 


Looking for a healthy way to start the day then definitely hit up Eathos. If you’re feeling up for it then my local yoga studio is a mere 5-minute walk from the upper Baggot street cafe so why not hit up a class before brunch! I would recommend the Acai bowl here followed by their cranberry and pistachio oat traybake. 


This small neighbourhood cafe is one of my favourites for an early breakfast. It is run by an Argentina family and it brings me right back to living in Spain as their menu offers Tostada con Tomate and cafe con leche. If it is sweet you are after then definitely try the pancakes. As for coffee, it’s delisious, they serve my favourite Dublin coffee roast here, Two-Fifty Squared. 


American dinner vibes with a killer playlist. This is definitely a cool brunch spot! I love the fried chicken and waffles! 


Another healthy option Tang serves up a Mediterranean style breakfast. Head to the Anne’s street location as it’s bigger so better chance at getting a table! I’m also obsessed with Tang’s salads if you are looking for a good spot to grab a quick lunch.  


Super cool cafe Gertrude is a great place to spend a Sunday morning. The buttermilk pancakes are my favourite thing to order. They also serve 3fe coffee one of the best roasts in Dublin.

Brother Hubbards 

Similar to Tang Brother Hubbards serves up Mediterraneanesque brunch options. With two locations on either side of the river, there’s really no excuse not to visit! Turkish eggs are always a good shout here. 

Meet me in the Morning 

For great coffee and some tasty breakfast options then hit up Meet Me in the Morning. I love the granola option here! 


Another healthy spot to grab breakfast in Dublin. Pog is known for its instant worthy protein pancakes. At Pog, you can build your own pancakes choosing from a wide verity of toppings from crumbled Oreos to fresh berries. The pancakes are also available as Vegan and Gluten-free. If pancakes aren’t your thing I would also recommend the Millenial Dream which is a mini Acai bowl and a mini avo toast. 

The Fumbally

Fumbally is the definition of hipster. The space is covered in mismatched furniture with open cases of fruit and veg lining the walls. It is a popular choice for many Dubliners on the weekends so expect it to be lively. Come here to try the Fumbally eggs or the Green Eggs, both are delicious. They also offer some vegan dishes.

The Cake Café

Hidden just off Camden street this cute cafe serves up some great weekend brunch stables. Try their carrot and walnut pancakes or their Cake Café Free Range Irish Scramble with avocado and save the sweet for one of their delicious homemade cakes afterwards. Trust me you’ll need to be rolled out of there. 


Probably one of the most rated brunch spots in Dublin and for good reason the brunch here is delicious. I always opt for the blueberry pancakes but if it is savoury you are after then the eggos mexicalos is a good shout. Herbstreet is a good place to visit during the summer when it is nice out as it has great outdoor seating that is beside the water. The only downside to Herbstreet is that there is always more than likely a wait, sometimes up to an hour which isn’t ideal. If you don’t fancy waiting, then HQ Gastrobar right beside Herbstreet also serves a great brunch.

San Lorenzo’s 

I really like that you can book a table at San Lorenzo’s so it is always a good shout when you plan on meeting someone and you don’t feel like waiting for a table. San Lorenzo’s is a New York style Italian restaurant and serve up the brunch of champions (they duped it this, not me). For some overloading sugar try their famous Coco pops crunchy french toast. If that sounds to sickening for so early in the am then try out there brunch of champions dish. 

Stella Diner 

Just because it is right beside me I can’t not mention the Stella diner. While I am not a fan of most of their breakfast options their pancakes are some of the best I’ve had in Dublin. If you like American style fluffy pancakes then you’ll love these. The french toast is actually pretty good too! Aside from the pancakes, another reason why I like this spot is that they offer free refills on filtered coffee which makes it a great spot to spend the morning chatting over coffee.  

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