January 2020

January 2020

The first month of the new year and decade for that matter. I want to try something new this year in where I do a monthly round-up on here. I’m not planning on having it super planned out but it will just be a curation of things I’ve been loving, what I have been doing and some random thoughts. I hope you will enjoy it and find some new recommendations be it a podcast, book or place to travel.

January is always a month of new beginnings and while I am not one for resolutions I do like to set some intentions for the year ahead. My intention for 2020 is to be more mindful when it comes to food, to take care of my body and to keep it running in tip-top shape. A big thing for me was to try and cut down on refined sugar, I have always had the biggest sweet tooth and my snacking had got out of control so I wanted to try and limit my intake. This month I have been able to cut it out completely and have been refined sugar-free for 3 weeks now. The cravings for the first 10 days were terrible but after that, I haven’t found it too bad. With the craving at bay, I’m going to continue for another month and see how I get on.

I found for entertainment, this month has had some really good films out, which meant I was in the cinema almost every week. Every movie I have seen was excellent and I would highly recommend. First, we went to see The Gentlemen which was hilarious, if you are looking for a funny light film with a side of action then this is the one for you.
1917 which was spectaluar, it was shot so beautifully and such a simple storyline but so moving. Just Mercy which is based on a true story of the civil rights defence attorney Bryan Stevenson who worked to free wrongly condemned death row prisoners. Micheal B. Jordan was phenomenal in it. & lastly, Little Women, what a feel-good film, highly enjoyed it.

For podcasts, I spent the first week of the month listening to The Atlanta Monster series, which takes an in-depth look into the infamous Atlanta Child Murders. It was super interesting and I would recommend if you haven’t yet listened to it. Along with that, I am still listening to my favourites It Galz and The Health Code.

For reading, I was very disappointed in my first book choice this year. I was reading The Starless Sea by Erin Morgensten and I really didn’t vibe with it. I am going to do a book video talking more in-depth but my main reason for not liking it was that there was no strong plot to the book and the main storyline kept being interrupted after every chapter with short stories, which do tie into the story in the end but I felt like they pulled you away from an already boring plot. The second book I read was Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk, I was unsure when I started but I quite liked this book, it is beautifully written and I found the protagonist entertaining.

Fitness-wise I am still obsessed with yoga and go pretty much most days. Before Christmas, I started reformer pilates and I picked it back up in January and I have been loving incorporating that with my yoga and Barre.

I bought Roz Purcell’s new cookbook No Fuss Vegan and have really enjoyed trying out new plant-based recipes. Also, the snack and dessert section of the book is great for healthy no added sugar treats.

I tried out a few new cafes around Dublin. I met with one of my friends for brunch in Press cafe which was lovely. The cafe had a lovely outdoor seating area which I think would be lovely for summer. Another weekend I met with another friend and finally tried out The Fumbally, I very popular cafe here in Dublin. The food was lively but I felt like it was very disorganised when it comes to seating as you order first and then you try and find a seat. For a busy cafe I found this a little odd as you might order and pay and then there are no tables.

That is really it from me for january, it was a quiet month for me I mainly focused on eating well and working out but I really enjoyed it which is the main thing.

Press Cafe

The Fumbally

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