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Where to Get Dinner in Dublin for Every Occasion

Having lived in Dublin for two years now I have gathered up a few of my favourite go-to restaurants for whatever I am feeling. For the majority of the restaurants on this list, I recommend making a reservation in advance. I will leave an asterisk beside the names of those you will definitely need to prebook.

For a celebration dinner


My favourite restaurant I’ve tried in Dublin so far! The food at Host is just mouth-wateringly good, When you come I recommend getting the chefs menu you won’t regret it!

Pichet *
Another fave is this french gem located in the city centre. From the duck to the venison everything is delicious. Our favourite treat from here is the conde de boeuf steak for two, so delicious 🤤

Mulberry Gardens *
If you are looking for a real foodie experience then Mulberry Gardens is your choice! It’s definitely on the pricey side so it’s definitely a restaurant for a celebration. Their cocktail selection is pretty damn good too.

For Mexican

Mexican restaurant with a super cool vibe. It’s the perfect spot for a bite to eat before a night out on the town. If you are on a budget then come on Sundays, when everything on the menu is €7.77.

Always a restaurant being suggested when meeting up with friends on the weekdays. Masa serves up fresh tacos along with some great patas bravas or guac and chips.

For Steak

Mister S *
Meat cooked on an open fire? Yes please sign me up! I would recommed the wagyu Cote de Boeuf for 2 or smoked beef shortrib.

Featherblade *
They take meat seriously here! A steakhouse with an ever-changing rotation of steak. Their signature feather blade is always present though! Whatever you do you must order the sweet potato fries, they are the best I’ve ever had.

A French-style steakhouse with some great cuts of beef at very reasonable prices. If you come here I would highly recommend getting a side of the gratin, trust me you won’t regret it!

The Butcher Grill *
Given the name of this joint, it is pretty obvious what it is known for. I love the vibe of this restaurant and the food here is amazing. I actually love coming here for Sunday Roast it is delicious.

For Asian

The Ramen Bar
Visiting Dublin in the winter and looking for a place to warm up? Then definitely hit up the Ramen Bar.

For sushi, Yammamori is my favourite. There are three locations around the city, my favourite is on the Northside just on the Quays. If you are looking for a cool vibe then I would recommend the Izakaya sake bar on George Street.

Lucky Tortise *
I love this place, the dumpling here are heavenly. The Lucky Tortise offers a great All in One menu for €20, you get all of the dishes from the individual menu, served family-style. My favourite item on the menu is the peanut kimchi. The menus are also available as vegetarian & vegan. The restaurant is also sustainable with no paper or bottles, the menu is written on the wall and the drinks are on tap.

I love Neon for those evenings where I want to get out of the house but don’t want to spend a fortune. The food here is delicious plus you get free ice cream. The crispy beef is always my go-to order.

For Indian

Pickle *
For the best Indian in town head to Pickle on Camden Street! I recommend the buttered chicken, it’s particularly great!

Another good Indian spot with a really cool interior vibe. If you are feeling Indian but didn’t make the commitment of making a reservation in advance for Pickle then Doolally is a good second choice.

For Burgers

For a quick bite and one of the best burgers in town hit up bunsen. There are a few locations dotted around the city. Cheap, cheerful and good burgers!

Mad Egg
Mad Egg is a popular fried chicken spot with two locations on either side of the river. If you are looking for a great chicken burger and DIY cheesecakes then this is the spot to go.

A neighbourhood restaurant that does a really decent burger. They also have a huge range of dishes on the menu I just actually haven’t tried anything else.

Wow Burger
A fast-food joint, but I do love the burgers here and their Milkshakes are the bomb!

For Pizza & Pasta

I’ve tried a fair few pizza places across the city and Sanos is one of my favourite places for grabbing a quick bite or if I’m meeting with some friends after work. It is also one of the most inexpensive places to get good pizza.

Cirillo’s *
An Italian with the best pizza in Dublin. The food here is so good, for starters go for the burrata and then I would highly recommend trying out one of their pizzas.

Sprezzatura *
offers freshly made pasta dishes all under €10. This is a great place to come for a nice dinner out that doesn’t break the bank. The food here is delicious, plus the wine is sulfate-free so no hangovers! It is also a sustainable restaurant so that means no paper and the drinks are all from taps.

Grano *
The best Italian food I’ve had in Dublin. For the most delicious freshly made pasta you need to visit Grano Restaurant. I cannot remember this restaurant enough.

Da Mimmo *
I was a frequent visitor to Da Mimmo’s my first year living in Dublin as I lived right beside it. I love this restaurant it has a real homey feel to it. We also used to get take away pizzas from them, probably too often. The pizza here is so good!

For Tapas

Tapas de Lola *
Tapas de Lola is known as one of the best tapas restaurants in the city, for that reason, it can be hard to get a reservation. But book a while in advance as a nice treat, the food here is great.

Port House
Another go-to if I am meeting one of the girls during the week. They have multiple locations around the city so I always find it quite handy to suggest.

La Bodega
A neighbourhood restaurant that I love to go to if I want to go for a nice dinner but wasn’t prepared enough to make a reservation (they don’t take them).

For Creole

Krewe is a newly opened spot that whips up Creole-style food on the Northside. For all your southern comfort needs head to Krewe. Whatever you do order the Kimchi side! The beignets may not be at cafe du monde standard but they are pretty damn delicious if you have room left of course.

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