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Cheap Eats Dublin

Let’s be honest Dublin is an expensive city and going out to eat can easily set you back €100 for a dinner for two. If you are on a budget or are just looking for a quick bite then these are my favourite go-to spots.

For Pizza & Pasta

Pizza is always a good shout, its great if you are meeting up with some friends during the week or just for a chilled Saturday vibe. Some spots in Dublin I found charge quite a bit for Pizza and I’m not really about that life.

My favourite spot for pizza that won’t break the bank is
Sanos. It is located in temple bar so very handy if you are in bopping around town and want to grab some food. I think Sanos has some of the best pizza in the city and the fact that it isn’t ludicrously expensive makes it a great spot.

Another favourite spot of mine is Rita’s in Rangleah. Great pizza and chilled out vibes at not to high a price tag.

A relatively new pasta bar that has opened up on Camden place. This place is number one on my recommendations if you are looking for a nice restaurant but are on a bit of a budget. The food here is delicious and what is even better is that everything on the menu is under €10! Also, the wine is sulfate-free which means no hangovers which is also pretty amazing.

For Mexican

Great Mexican spot located on George Street. The best time to come to 777 if you are looking for a budget-friendly meal is on Sundays when everything on the menu is €7.77.

Masa is my favourite taqueria in Dublin. It is my go-to spot for dinner with the girls after work. Everything is under €7 on the menu and sometimes on Sunday everything is €5, keep an eye on their Instagram to find out when these offers are on.

For Asian

Neon serves up Asian street food style dishes along with offering you a free ice cream cone at the end. This is a great spot to come if you are looking for some good food and simple dining. My favourite dish here is the crispy beef, so good.

For sushi that won’t break the bank Musashi located on caple street is a great spot. The price here is pretty reasonable and the sushi is delicious.

Another good sushi spot that’s easy on the wallet! They have two locations one on Wexford street and another on upper Baggot street. For me, I think the best part of Zakura is that it is BYOB! Which makes it perfect for budget-friendly dining.

For Koren style fried chicken, Chimac is the bomb! Not to worry if your vegetarian or vegan they also offer a tofu burger and a dairy-free bun.

The Lucky Tortoise 
A great Dim Sum restaurant that offers an ‘everything on the menu’ deal which means you get one of everything on the menu for €20. The food here is delicious and it is a great option if you’re looking for a nice dinner out but not willing to fork out loads.

Ramen Co. 
A new ramen spot that just opened in Rathmines, which we recently tried out. I really enjoyed the ramen here and it was very reasonably priced which is an added bonus. We also tried out there Nutella dumplings which were delious.

For Burgers

I think if you’re on a budget then Burgers are normally a good shout and thankfully Dublin has lots of great cheap burger joints.

A favourite among the masses bunsen has lots of locations around the city so you are never too far away from one. The burgers here are great and it is probably my favourite spot for burgers in the city.

Mad Egg
For chicken burgers, Mad Egg is always highly recommended. The best part for me going to Mad Egg is the build your own cheesecake.

Wow Burger
More of a fast-food style joint than the others but worth a mention because the food is pretty great. Similar to Bunsen there are a lot of locations around the city.

For Steak

Yes, I know steak isn’t the cheapest but I have found some great restaurants that have cheaper steak options on the menu so you can go out for a nice dinner without feeling the dint to hard in your wallet.

Featherblade is a well-known steakhouse in Dublin and for good reason, the food here is delicious. Featherblade has an ever-changing selection of steaks on their menu, some times it’s a ribeye other times a wagyu but what always remains the same is their signature feather blade steak for €14. Their sides normally are around the €4 mark so you can have a great steak dinner for under €20! If you go I would highly recommend the sweet potatoes, they are the best I’ve ever had.

Boeuf is a really cute french style steakhouse in the middle of town. The best part of it is that all their steaks are under €20. I would highly recommend a side of one of their gratins, they are heavenly.

For Sunday Roast

I mean are you even Irish if you don’t love a good roast on a sunday?

The Butchers Grill
I love to come here on a lazy Sunday afternoon and just chill with great food and a nice glass of wine. You have your choice of roast beef (my choice always), roast chicken or a roast rack of pork and each roast comes with the usual trimmings of Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and some veggies all for €19.

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